I think I’m becoming an alcoholic….

I moved down to my college house 3 weeks ago and moved in with complete strangers bar my friend from home (whose staying in my room so the other housemates won’t know about my night terrors). I really love the people I moved in with it’s like we’ve all clicked and are a family but I think I’m developing a drink problem. I’m trying so hard to just function day to day and be all smiles so nobody will know what’s wrong that I just drink to help get through daily life.  

I smile and pretend like nothing is wrong but the cracks show through so I drink to bury it. I drink so that I can smile, I drink so that I can be social and not be hidden away in my room scared to go outside. I drink so that I can have a normal conversation. I don’t want to depend on drink and I’m scared I’m becoming an alcoholic 😦 I don’t know what to do…